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Lower Staff Turnover,
Increase Employee

The easiest tool on the market to measure well-being and levels of stress in your organization.

Optimize remote work by keeping connected and dedicated to employee feedback.

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“They have been very flexible and responsive to our needs. Very simple to use as an administrator!”

Ida Grahn, Talent and Learning & Development Specialist

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“Happy At Work has some amazing features to collect employee responses very effectively. I love using this tool for my team. Their survey UI is simple and attractive.”

Mavra Akhtar

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“I appreciate the ability to continuously monitor our employees’ well-being in a non-obstructive, easy-to-understand manner."

Victor Grevik, Development Manager

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What is
Happy at Work?

We offer an employee feedback tool to quickly and easily measure job satisfaction and workload in your organization.

We believe in evaluating the work environment frequently and over time with simple but insightful questions. It allows you to quickly detect negative trends and act before it's too late. Book a demo with us and we show you just how easy it is.

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Optimize to work
from home

Keep in touch with your employees and gather continuous feedback on their work situation, in the office or at home.

As an employer, it is our responsibility to ensure that our employees have everything they need to do a good job.

Due to Covid-19, we conducted a customer survey which showed that managers found Happy at Work very useful during the pandemic with a result of 8.7 / 10!

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Easy to use with clear results



The survey is dispatched by mail, slack or SMS. No login or installation is required.



One answers anonymously, with one hand on the mobile, in less than 10 sec. We are unique in that.



The data is compiled as easily understandable statistics, ready to be shared further or exported as pdf.

Extended survey

The extended survey offers the possibility to create a customized template with different types of questions. Use it when you need to get more specific information.

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